Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Gotta Love Friends!

I teach fifth grade at the elementary in our area. There are 4 classrooms of most grade levels depending on the size of the class. I love the people I work with! We are the most tenured grade level in our building. Between the 4 of us, we total 125 years in education. (Wow! That makes us sound ancient!! ) We've been married (each to our original husband) for a combined total of 137 years. There are 8 children between us and 6 grandchildren. We have a great time together.

Before we left on the last day of school, we made plans to meet for dinner today. We rode to our destination together, ate dinner at one of our favorite places, shopped a little, then met back where we had left our cars. Still talking.......we do that best.....we stood together along a busy street in the town where we teach. Several acquaintances, former students, parents, friends, neighbors, etc. drove by as we smiled and waved to them. What was so amusing to them...and to us..... was that we are the fifth grade teaching staff at our elementary and was enjoying each other's company. They knew it and so did we.

What a blessing in my life to work with friends! Sweet, sweet.


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