Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer's First Outing

My best friend and I did a little shopping today. Joni always makes things so much fun! Who else could make shopping for sheets, mattress pads and pillows a blast?? JCPenney's will never be the same! They will probably take us off of their coupon mailing list to prevent our return any time soon.

Before we stopped at one of our favorite malls, we had other shopping to do first. I know this may sound weird, but MVH in Dayton has really nice gift shops. The one for babies is really nice. So, since I needed to buy a baby gift, we went there to shop. I wasn't disappointed with their selection. I found the sweetest baby book and little brag book to match. I love stuff like that.

Our mid-day lunch was at Olive Garden. We were there for over an hour catching up on things.

Cost of bedding:$103.59
Olive Garden: $16.75
Gas: $37.00.....Geesh!!
Day spent with my bestest, dearest friend: PRICELESS!!!


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