Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is It Still December?

I decided to feature my nativity pieces on the buffet. My mom made the angels for me several years ago in a ceramics class. The small nativity sets on the left were gifts from students over the years. The 3 ornaments on the right from Hallmark featuring "Peanut" characters. I love them! The nativity ornament plays "Away In A Manger", the bell choir plays "Hark the Herald Angels", and the red stage features Linus. When you push button, it plays the whole scripture that Linus quotes from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Isn't it great that Hallmark promotes, or allowed, the Bible to be quoted in one of their products? I was so touched when I played it for the first time.
Note about the buffet (or whatever you call it): It belonged to my Great-Grandma Miller. It has survived a fire! It was given to my mom. But, when my parents moved to their current location, they had no room for it. I have the mirror that goes in the top/back of it but it needs re-silvered. So, the mirror stays in the closet.
Meanwhile......I have tried AGAIN to load other pictures and, of course, it won't work! I will try again later to post a different one. Like I said may take until Easter but I'll get there.


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