Monday, September 21, 2009

So Today Is Your Birthday

So today is your birthday
That is what I've been told.
What a wonderful feeling
You are one more year old!
On the cake there'll be candles
All lighted for you.
And the whole world is singing.....
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear loved one!
Happy birthday to you!

I had the tremendous blessing of attending school in a little country school near my home. Most of my elementary years were spent in a double classroom. My grandma was my third and fourth grade teacher. There was a larger majority of girls in our class who just happened to love to sing. Grandma was a very talented musician who took great advantage of her musical class. She taught us so many songs.....We Gather Together, Beautiful Ohio, etc. Thankfully this was small town country living and no one objected to the religious songs we were taught.

Grandma, also, taught us some songs that I don't really know where she had learned them. I sing this little birthday song she taught us to my own students whenever one of them has a birthday. I call it "My Cheesy Little Birthday Song" which, of course, leads into the traditional verse that they all know. It just so happened that I had student who had a birthday today, so I sang it to her. This early in the year, they are just learning the words themselves. What is so sweet, is that, even though they are 10-11 years olds, they love to learn this little song and always want it sung to them.

As soon as I started singing it today, I fully realized today's date. September 21st was Grandma's birthday. She would have been 99 years old today. And, I couldn't help but think of how pleased she would have been to have heard her granddaughter singing it to a new generation of students.

My goodness, it made my heart ache for her. I do miss her so. I miss her humor, her wisdom, her wonderful laughter, her unshakable faith in the Lord, her joy in my successes, and sympathy when I needed that, too.

I am so grateful and thankful that my grandma is in heaven with our Lord and Savior today. I'm grateful for godly grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!