Friday, June 23, 2006

Do I Look Taller To You?

I finally broke down and went to the chiropractor today. I was totally shocked when they told me that I hadn't been there since January, 2003. No wonder I am having such a hard time! I have said, very jokingly, that sometimes I feel like I should be placed on a rack and stretched. Well, it happened for real today. They put me through all kinds of activities which felt really good at the time. But, I'm starting to feel the extent of my workout this evening. I am scheduled for the same thing tomorrow morning..........middle age stinks!

Here's the plan......

Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks since the last day of school......and I haven't accomplished a single thing. I most certainly consider becoming a new aunt to be very important. I try to see and/or hold Nicholas every day, if possible. He is a sweet, sweet baby. And, having worked 4 very intense days on assessments for fifth grade social studies is more than worthwhile,'s time to git-r-done here in this house! Hmmm........let's see what progress I've made when I blog the next time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary. By today's standards in our society, we certainly are the exception rather than the rule. Please don't ask me for marital advice, though. For the life of me, I don't know how we've lasted this long either. Maybe there is more to be said about love and predictability than you read in magazines. Happy Anniversary......and happy summer, too!

Long Time, No See

When I started this blog, I was all pumped and ready to be so creative. This is what????.....the 6th time I've much for creativity. Oh, well.........I'm determined to step things up a little in my life. My new nephew, who is the cutest little guy, will probably be the topic of many of my postings as soon as my new digital camera arrives. Whether anyone reads my ramblings or not, I'll amuse myself with the many "big deals" in life. It looks cool to see it on the screen.