Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Record!

The temperatures set a new heat record today. It is 100 degrees outside with a heat index of 108! The last time it was 100 degrees on this date in our area, was in 1941. I've only stepped outside to walk the dog 2-3 times. I'm so grateful to have AC. I feel badly for people who have to work outside in this. Hopefully, my flowers can take the heat!


Blogger Barb said...

Oh my gosh, JT. 108? That's just way too hot. I so agree with you - I thank God every summer day of my life for air conditioning. Honestly, I have no idea how people can stand this kind of heat. It's almost that hot out here in western Colorado. The difference is we have very little humidity, and I know that's a huge difference.

Rob was sad to see his Ford truck dirve away. But like you said in your comment, maybe he'll get another one someday. A man needs a truck, not a Ford Explorer, although we're pretty thankful for that Explorer right now. :-)

I mostly feel really bad for the homeless people around here who have no way to get in out of this heat. Thankfully, we have a lot of businesses around Grand Junction who are very, very lenient about letting them come inside to cool off for a while. People are basically good I think.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Just Terrific said...

I, too, feel so sorry for people who don't have the means to have AC or maybe even a fan. I live about 65 miles east of Cincinnati. We get our "local" new, weather, etc. from there. A new record high was set today. It was 100 degrees, breaking a 66 year old record.

Maybe I've mentioned this before, but I teach 5th grade in a commmunity 10 miles away. Most of the students in our school come from socio-economically challenged (poor) homes. Whenever the weather is extreme, I pray for my students. I worry if they are warm enough when it is cold or, like now, if they have any where to go to get out of this extreme heat.

I agree with you that so many people have a lot of goodness in them. Several churches in our area have had family movies and refreshments for folks to enjoy in their AC fellowship halls. Hopefully, we will get some relief soon!

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Isn't it just miserable? I feel like I'm going to melt when I go outside now!

12:18 AM  

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