Sunday, July 01, 2007

July One

Today was such a nice day! All three of our children (and our son-in-law) were here for supper. It does this Mom's heart good to fix some of their favorite dishes and to watch them practically "lick the platter clean". I especially love the laughter and fun we have when we're all together. They are so much fun! This evening together is certainly one of those moments that, if I could, I would freeze in time.

J's wedding is less than 6 days away. He and his new bride will be living about 3 hours away. As I sat and watched, listened to my expressive off-spring (wonder where they got that?) this evening, I couldn't help but wonder how long it might be before we would all be together like this again.

I've been so actively involved in their lives that it is really hard to be a by-stander. The reality is, my time with our two older kids is down to occasional weekends and alternative holidays. Which is as it should be, after all, they are in their 20's. Isn't our 15 year old lucky? Poor guy will have all of our parenting energy focused on him.

Life is good!


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