Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Long Pause

I had truly thought that I would blog something every I had something to tell. But it has been 15 days since my last posting.....and so much has happened. Friends of mine had a precious baby girl on Jan. 4. The baby was born, which they knew that she would be, with a birth defect. Her arrival took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan......about 5 hours from here. The hospital there specializes in the particular problem she was born with. They have a webpage to share how her progress is going and I hooked! I check the site 5-6 times each day to see how she is doing. I am determined to make improvements in my life...spiritually and physically. For several of these past few days, I felt like such a failure at my new resolution. Today it occurred to me that I should be satisfied that I'm making great strides in self-improvement. I've spent more time in prayer and meditation with the Lord about this young couple and their baby than I have about anything for a long, long time. Funny how the Lord works in our life, isn't it?


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